POGO Cable

Complementary to the POGO Case, the POGO cable attaches to the shell by magnetism and allows you to charge your smartphone.

€27.00 Inc. tax.

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POGO Cable

The POGO cable plugs into your original charger supplied with your smartphone. As it is so small, you can take the POGO Cable with you everywhere. It comes with an adhesive disc that lets you attach the mount wherever you like. Your smartphone is ready to dock anywhere in an instant.

POGO Cable
POGO Technology

Technologie POGO

The perfect alternative for any smartphones without induction, POGO technology offers wireless recharging.

FoneDrop is compatible with Fast Charge (Samsung) or Quick Charge so it allows you to charge your smartphone quickly while being kind to your battery.

It should be noted that, unlike induction, FoneDrop POGO technology offers the additional advantage that you can transfer your data – that's very useful for exchanging content with your computer, and in your car it's perfect for making the most of Android Auto / Apple CarPlay).