Starter Pack iPhone XS

Essential to equip your smartphone, this pack includes a POGO Case and a POGO Cable (usb charger): the best to get started with FoneDrop!

This bundle is composed of the following products:

1xFoneDrop POGO Case iPhone XS
1xFoneDrop POGO Cable

€69.00 Inc. tax.

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Slip your smartphone into the POGO Case, plug the POGO Case connector into the charging port.

That's all there is to it. You will have fitted your FoneDrop in just a few seconds.

The case protects your phone effectively against everyday accidents. It offers you the advantages of Pogo technology and the efficiency of its magnetic mount.

High-quality protection

Our POGO Cases are equipped with a dual layer which offers your smartphone maximum protection in case you drop it.

Made of tough polycarbonate, it protects the external case from scratches and any direct impact. The case interior is made of a soft material and is impressive in the way it absorbs the impact from shocks to your smartphone.

Inspired, elegant design, the FoneDrop case is equipped with a non-slip texture offering a grip that is both comfortable and reassuring.

The POGO magnetic plate with its original design is perfectly integrated into the back of the case and will not fail to make your friends curious.

POGO Case shockproof
POGO Technology

POGO Technology

The perfect alternative for any smartphones without induction, POGO technology offers wireless recharging.

FoneDrop is compatible with Fast Charge (Samsung) or Quick Charge so it allows you to charge your smartphone quickly while being kind to your battery.

It should be noted that, unlike induction, FoneDrop POGO technology offers the additional advantage that you can transfer your data – that's very useful for exchanging content with your computer, and in your car it's perfect for making the most of Android Auto / Apple CarPlay).

Magnetic mount

Stress-free docking. With FoneDrop, you can simply lock on with just one gesture.

Thanks to the magnetic mount in the POGO Case, using a mount for your smartphone has never been so intuitive.

Make the most of the accessories which are best suited to your environment.

Magnetic mount
Android Auto Apple CarPlay

Android Auto / Apple CarPlay

FoneDrop is fully compatible with vehicles equipped with Android Auto or Apple CarPlay.

The POGO Car-S is simple and effective, allowing you to make the most of all the options on your smartphone and all your vehicle's options in complete safety.

Protect your charging port

Once you have attached and plugged the POGO Case in to your smartphone, you will not need to remove it.

Your charging port is then protected from any damage caused by mishandling. FoneDrop has been designed for maximum user-friendliness.

Need to recharge your smartphone without your POGO Cable? No problem. Unplug the POGO Case connector and recharge using a traditional cable.


POGO Cable

The POGO cable plugs into your original charger supplied with your smartphone. As it is so small, you can take the POGO Cable with you everywhere. It comes with an adhesive disc that lets you attach the mount wherever you like. Your smartphone is ready to dock anywhere in an instant.

POGO Cable